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Limit Switch, LXK3 Series

  • WLLXK3

  • LXK3


Limit Switch, LXK3 Series


  • The product is to service at such control circuit as AC50-60Hz, voltage of 380VAC or 220VDC and current of 10A to automatically

  • control machine tool, limit movement and action of drive mechanism and control program.

  • The nominal service conditions include an ambient temperature of -25℃+40℃, an ambient relative humidity of 90%, and altitude of

  • 2000m and protection degree of IP65. It complies with the standard of IEC337-1 and GB14048.5-2001.

Main Specification:

Purpose The typical usage of travel switch is to control electrical magnet   of AC or DC
Control capacity AC-15 DC-13
Rated working voltage Rated   working current Rated   working voltage Rated   working current
380V 0.8A 220V 0.15A
220V 1.4A 110V 0.3A
110V 2.8A

Rated value Rated insulation voltage Ui=380V, conventional enclosed heating   current Ith2=10A
Protection for short-circuit Rated fuse current 1000A RL1-15/10
Operation frequency AC 2400 times/hour, DC 1200 times/hour
Electrical Electrical life of AC one million and half times. Electrical life   of DC three hundred of thousand times
Mechanical LXK3-20 S.H/H1, H2, H3, LXK3-20 S.H/W is 6000000,
other is 10000000.
Repetition precision action The difference between the maximum (or the minimum) and the means   is no more than 0.05mm in ten times of actions
Protection degree of enclosure IP65 GB4208-84
Vibration resistance Frequency: 10~55Hz; Acceleration: 10g(90m/s); Amplitude: 0.75mm

Code name for protection enclosure mode:

LXK3-20S Vertical type, a outgoing hole at the bottom
LXK3-20H Horizontal type, there is   respectively  a outgoing hole at the bottom and two sides.
Z Plunger-type,   automatic reset
L Roller   plunger-type, automatic reset
B Roller rotary   arm type, automatic reset
T Adjustable   roller rotary arm type, automatic reset
J Adjustable   metal pendulum arm type, automatic reset
D Elastic   pendulum arm type, automatic reset
H1 Fork type, two   wheels at same direction, no automatic rest
H2 Fork type, left   wheel front, right wheel back, no automatic rest
H3 Fork type,   right wheel front, left wheel back, no automatic rest
W Universal type,   automatic reset



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