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Single Phase Keypad STS Token Prepayment Electricity Meter GSM remote chargable

EEDEPS is a single phase digital STS token prepayment meter. Customers purchase electricty in advance to get the 20 digital TOKEN, after entering the token into prepayment meter by keypad on the meter. The credit will be generated immediately. Comparing to WiFi and GPRS meter, it's more convenient and widely used. No requirements of cloud server, GSM/GPRS, LORA/RF signal coverage.It's suitable for 220V, 230V, 240V.

Single Phase Keypad Token Prepaid Electricity Meter GSM remote chargable  - Code "EEDEPS"

anti-tamper prepaid electricity meter 1

1-  LCD display with backlight.

2-  LED indicators. From left to right are: Pulse, alarm, status credit.

3-  Assistance terminals, and detector of terminal cover opening. 

4- Optical communication port

5- Keypad contains 12 buttons (0~9, “ ← ”button and“ ↵ ”button) to enter TOKEN and query meter data.

prepaid electricity meter vending

Engelec meterwizard electricity vending platform

General Description

EEDEPS meter is a single phase STS keypad type prepaid electricity meter. It can be charged by token through keypad input manually and our meterwizard cloud platform remotely. AlENGELEC prepaid meters can communicate with AMI system via LoRa-RF module or GSM/GPRS network.

Electrical Parameters

Nominal Voltage 220/230/240V
Working Voltage Range


Nominal Frequency 50-60Hz
Basic Current (Ib) 5A
Maximum Current (Imax) 80A
Starting Current (Ist) 20mA
Active Energy Constant 1000imp/kWh
Measurement Accuracy Class 1.0
Power Consumption in Voltage Circuit <2W  <8VA
Power Consumption in Current Circuit <1VA
Operation Temperature Range -25℃-70℃
Storage Temperature Range -40℃-85℃

Electric Magnetic Compatibility

AC Insulation Strength 4kV at 50Hz during 1min
Impulse voltage 1.2/50 us mains connections 8kV
Electrostatic Discharges Contact discharge 8kV
Air discharge 16kV
Electromagnetic RF Field 27MHz-500MHz 10V/m
100KHz-1GHz 30V/m
Fast transient burst test 4kV
Protection Class II

Basic Features

1. LCD display screen with back light

2. Pulse: kWh consume indicator

3  Alarm:

3.1  The cover was opened.

3.2  The load is reverse, unbalance, or overload.

3.3  The voltage is over voltage, or under voltage.

4  Status credit: credit indicator

4.1  The green LED indicates the remained credit is enough.

4.2  The yellow LED indicates the remaining energy is below remained energy threshold 1.

4.3  The red LED indicates the remain credit is below remained credit threshold 2.

4.4  When the red LED is flash, it means the remaining credit is below remained credit threshold 3.

5  Keypad contains 12 buttons to enter TOKEN and query information

6  Optical port complies with IEC62056-21

7  Open cover detector inside the terminal

8  Operation principle

As shown in figure 3, the current and voltage of power covered into small signal separately and input into a special measurement IC, after a series of process such as multiplication calculation etc. and then output energy pulse, whose frequency is in direct proportion to the supply power, to the microprocessor unit (MCU). The MCU calculate and process energy impulse to perform the power metering and load control functions etc. The LCD displays the total credit and remained credit etc. relay tripping off indirect shows the meter operation state.

single phase prepaid meter diagram

Application of TOKEN

Operation of vending software

1.   Login vending system

2.   Meter number registration

3.   Customer information registration

4.   Price Setting

5.   District and sales point registration

6.   Open Account

7.   Vending/Topping up meters

8.   Get the Token

9.   Input Token to meter with keypad

10. Recharging successfully

Token Charging 

1.  Purchase credit

Customer purchases the credit with Meter factory own vending software.

2.  Entering TOKEN

Tokens are entered by the keypad on the meter. The meter sounds a “bi” every time a button pressed and displays the number on the main display area of the LCD. The number entered last displays at the most right-hand side. Per 4 digits appear “-”, When the eighth digit entered, the digit entered first will be moved out of the LCD. Press “← ” to delete, from the end of numbers.

Figure         Description
1 Before pressing “←    ” button.
2 After pressing “←  ” button, the last digital “7” is deleted.

3. Recharge success

After finish these 20 digits TOKEN, press “ ↵ ” key to confirm. If the TOKEN is correct and accepted by meter, it will display “”indicator on the LCD and remind by sound “bi”. New purchased credit will be charged to meter.

Figure     Description
3 Eleven digits have been input, the last one is "9".
4 After all of the TOKEN numbers input,Press "↵" to confirm.
5 The TOKEN is correct and accepted by themeter. Indicating “ ACCEPT” and "√" .
6 The new charged credit of TOKEN is 50kWh.

4  Recharge failure

Meter will sound bi three times and the indicating of "X" and show used or old or reject on LCD. Failure code will be displayed on left of LCD. Remaining credit will not be changed.

5. Keypad lock-out function.

If  continously input wrong TOKEN more than 10 times, the meter keypad will self-lock for security. Max. locking time is 60 seconds. But the user can use keypad to query meter data except charging fee.

Connection diagrams


Overall and mounting dimension

Single phase prepaid meter drawing

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