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Micro Switch, Z15 Series

  • Z15
  • Z15

Micro Switch, Z15  Series


Main Specification:

Item Value
Operation speed 0.1mm to 1m/Sec
Action frequency Mechanically: 240 times/minute
Insulation resistance Electically: 20 times/Minute
Contact resistance 100mΩ above(at 500VDC)

Under 20mΩ(initial)
Bearing voltage Non-contact end: 1000VAC, 50/60Hz for one minute Current parts and   noncurrent parts and end and connect opsition: 2000VAC, 50/60Hz for one   minute
Vibration Machine: 400m/Sec² (about 40G's)
 1.5mm 10 to 55Hz: 1.5mm pairs swing action
Ambient operating temperature -25℃ to 80℃
Humidity Below 85%RH
Serve life Mechanicallly: 20000000 times above (at rated ot) Electrically:   500000 times above




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