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Cable Gland MG Series

Cable glands can be used to seal cables of different diameters safely against dust and water.They may be used on all types of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data and telecommunications cables. They are used as a sealing and termination device to ensure that the characteristics of the enclosure which the cable enters can be maintained adequately.
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  • MG


Cable Gland MG Series


Material: UL approved Nylon PA66 or Brass plated with nickel 
Sealing: NBR,EPDM 
IP Rating: IP68 with sealing and O-ring
Working Temperature: -40ºC~100ºC in static state (Instantaneous heat resistance120ºC),-20ºC~80ºC in dynamic state (Instantaneous heat resistance100ºC)
Certification: CE,RoHS,SGS
Color: Black,Grey(nylon natural color),other customized colors 

MG Type  waterproof nylon gland

ModelCable RangeHGLSpanner SizeBeisit No.Beisit No.
MG124.5-812917/19MG 1208MG 1208B
MG123-5.312917/19MG 1206MG 1206B
MG166-10161522MG 1610MG 1610B
MG164-7161522MG 1607MG 1607B
MG209-14201526/27MG 2014MG 2014B
MG206-11201526/27MG 2011MG 2011B
MG2513-18251532/33MG 2518MG 2518B
MG2510-16251532/33MG 2516MG 2516B
MG3218-25321541MG 3225MG 3225B
MG3215-22321541MG 3222MG 3222B
MG4024-30402050MG 4030MG 4030B
MG4020-25402050MG 4025MG 4025B
MG5030-40502360/62MG 5040MG 5040B
MG5026-32502360/62MG 5032MG 5032B
MG6340-50632473/75MG 6350MG 6350B
Mg6338-46632473/75MG 6346MG 6346B

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