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Bluetooth Relay 4 Channel

Bluetooth Relay 4 Channel is the function of bluetooth relay switch module is to connect the module through Bluetooth host equipment (such as computer and mobile phone) and then conduct wireless switch action.
  • BLE 4 Channel


  • BLE 4 Channel


Bluetooth Relay Switch 4 Channel

Main Specification:

1.1 Product characteristics

Support Android and Apple Mobile App connections.

Support wechat applet

The password and name can be modified.

Power supply options of 5V and 6-24v.

 Multi-function: jogging, delay, inter-locking, timing, delay modes.


1.2 Parameter index

Parameter index

Working voltage


Working current


Number of switches


Operating temperature


Bluetooth version


Encryption feature

8-bit software passwor

Control chara

0-220V  10A



 2. Product details

After getting the product normally, the default state of the module is self-locking without delay. At present, our relays support the following actions:

(1) relay self-locking mode: each relay opening and closing is a two-step operation, which requires two instructions to control. The display on the software page is to press the button to turn on and then press the button to turn off.

(2) relay inching mode: this mode has no change for the module, but it can be switched in app, which is shown as pressing the button to open the relay, releasing the button, and closing the relay.

(3) relay delay mode: after each relay sends an open command, the relay opens and automatically closes after a specified time delay.

(4) relay timing action: it can set relay timing on, off, jog and other operations.

(5) relay mutual exclusion action: two relay mutual exclusion actions, one open and the other close.

(4) long time Bluetooth occupation auto disconnect function: this function is used to prevent the module from being occupied by the mobile app for a long time. When it is enabled, the Bluetooth is linked and disconnected automatically after a period of no operation. Smart community access version is applicable.

(5) automatic disconnection function after one action: this function is set to match the fact that some Android phones cannot disconnect actively, that is, after connecting the module and sending an action command, the module will disconnect automatically after the action. Smart community access version is applicable.

 3. Instructions

3.1 Wiring

First, power on the module through 12V input interface or 5V input interface, and the module light will flash after power on.

Pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the power supply. If the light hasn't flickered for 3S after connecting the power supply, please unplug the power supply immediately and check whether it is connected reversely to prevent burning.

3.2 APP menu

The first by the 12 v input interface or 5 v input interface to the module is powered on. After power on module lights flashing, pay attention to the power supply is negative, if connected to the power supply after 3 s light is not flashing, please unplug the power supply, check whether meet the, prevent burn out.

3.2.1 Mobile phone software instructions 

The android mobile operating:

1) Installation of mobile software, android software interface, as shown in the main interface, click the scan button, the scanning to the device, click on the device name and then connected, into the control interface. Software is our company general software, suitable for a variety of products of the company, contains 4 relay control and 3 road LED PWM dimming control, only two road relay is available, no LED lights control operation.

2) Setting device password, click on set password button and equipment of the initial password is 12345678.

3) Set the password and then click the way switch 1 and 2 way switch button to relay on-off operation.

4) If need to change the software password, then click Change password button are available, and set up a password and then click the confirmation.


3.2.2 The iOS software instructions:

1) In the apple store search TwoSwitchBle (app store). You can download the software.

2) Open the software, click scan, search our equipment. After clicking, found equipment into operation interface.

3) Enter the interface, can operate. Here under special instructions, interlock electric option buttons below a line of input box to show the use (blue circle), does not set the password, here only shows how much is your current password. If you want to modify the default password is software, input box changes in the red circle, the first input box enter 12345678, the second input box enter your current password, is the first line of the default display password is modified. If you want to modify the device password, should in the red circle of the first input current device password input box, the second input you want to modify the password input box, motor change password.

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